Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Man in the Seat...

I want to start this off saying how much I like Obama. How much hope I have in my heart that our country becomes his vision.

I respect his views... Even the ones I don't agree with.

I think he was a great choice for President during this time of need. I think he is exactly what we needed.

I say all of this first so you know I stand behind him 100%. I am just a little nervous. I am nervous that there is a tremendous amount of hype right now. Is it possible for this man to live up to all of it? I'm not sure.

When have you seen presidential bling being pettled at Walgreen's? I have seen so many hats, scarfs, pins, and plates that I am stunned.

I will light a candle tonight. A candle to give him strength, wisdom, and true sight in the days to come.

What I can say is, watching him today and listening to every word he spoke... I have never seen so many people like myself that are filled with hope, and joy that we are changing.

Can we change?
Yes we can...