Sunday, January 11, 2009

Why blog?

Why blog?

So glad you asked that. ;)

I've been a believer in blogging for a long time now. It's open journaling. Marks the small milestones that most people (including myself) would forget if not written some place.

It organizes my thoughts. Catalogs my ideas. Highlights the inner feelings, of myself and those close to me.

It allows for a way to express my emotions. So, it's theraputic. By writing these things down we free ourselves of worry and doubt.

It becomes the modern "Dear Diary".

I am a long time supporter of blogging. My first experience was with the early beta stages of Yahoo 360.

It was so easy to do. But I didn't do it often enough.

Myspace allowed me an easy access to blogging. I was on myspace all the time anyways.

It was great but again didn't do it enough.

Then I got blog software for my site & blogged pretty good. Although still not enough, it was more often then anything else I was on.

Now I'm hoping because I can blog right from my phone that I'll do it more. I got lots of ideas of what to blog. Now I need only do it.
-- Post From My iPhone