Sunday, April 5, 2009

Age Old Debate. Evolution vs Creationism

This is clearly another Science vs Religion debate. Science tells us that without Evolution it would be impossible for life to exist on Earth in the form that it does.

There is countless areas this is proven in the eyes of science.

Although Evolution seems the most logical idea... a friend of mine brought up a very good point. The human eye is so complex in it's nature... How could evolution explain this?

I understand the argument of light sensitive one cell animals...

But that's a huge difference to how the eye focuses in on even the most minimal details.

What about if it's possible for both... Evolution guided by the hand of a god?

Even the Bible supports this train of thought.

If we do not take the Bible literally. To a god, which is immortal, time is not measured in the same way.

So it could be tens of thousands of years to our day. The 7 day creation story? It could have taken millions of years in between days. It supports the idea of evolution.

If a god created the world without Evolution... Why would certain foods be good for some people, but not others. Salt to somebody with Hypertension is almost poison. To others it's be linked to helping control depression. And what about people that are allergic to certain foods.

I am allergic to Milk and Soy... eating them will not kill me. But gives me GERD, Sleep Apnea, etc. While others will die from eating the wrong foods.

Why would a god create an environment that's so unstable.

Everyone would be able to eat the same food with the same response. God created us all equal? Not really.

Just some thoughts.